About me

I am a postdoc at the Fuqua school of Business, Duke University working with Prof. Jiaming Xu. In 2019 I received my PhD degree from the department of statistics and data science at Yale University. At Yale I was co-advised by Prof. David Pollard, Prof. Yihong Wu, and Prof. John Lafferty.

I am spending Fall 2021 at Simons Institute for the Theory of computing, UC Berkeley on a Simons-Berkeley research fellowship. I will be participating in the program Computational Complexity of Statistical Inference.

I am very excited to join Cornell University Department of Statistics and Data Science as an Assistant Professor Spring 2022!

Research interests

I have a fairly eclectic collection of research interests and enjoy exploring new research directions. My PhD thesis “A few topics in statistics” is available here.

  • frequentists’ justification of Bayesian procedures
  • rapid mixing of Markov chains
  • recovery of hidden structures from random networks
  • fairness in machine learning
  • analysis of aggregation estimators
  • convergence guarantee of the EM algorithm
  • shape-constrained nonparametric estimation
  • private sequential learning





W320, 100 Fuqua Drive
Durham, North Carolina 27708